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Visa Expired – What should I do to avoid deportation

Visa Expired

Visa allows visitors from other countries to enter the boundaries of their respective countries. You are Staying away from home, Nobody is there to help you.

No family No friends and you came to know your visa is expired. It will shake your confidence What next…
Now you started feeling stressed and helpless. Imagine you spend a lot of time and money in getting the visa approved, what if you forget to renew and it got expired. Again you need to pass through the same visa application process.

This is the only way left or is there any way to get your visa renewed without any hassle. No need to worry we are here to help you…

Lots of our readers are requested us to write on this topic. So we come up with the full research and try to provide you the best solution…Keep Reading

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Let’s talk about all the situations related to visa expiration in this article –

The first thing you should do is check your visa expiration date. Checked whether it is expiring soon or already expired?

If your visa already expired then you need to take immediate steps otherwise you will be sent to prison for policy violations.

In case your visa is about to expire then try to get it renewed as early as possible.

In this article, we will discuss two situations

Visa Expired Or Visa about to Expire…

What to do if your visa is about to expire?

If your visa is not yet expired and if you have ample time to apply for the renewal and want to stay more in the respective country.

Apply At least 60 days before the expiration of the visa because visa applications need some time to process. Don’t think your visa will get renewed instantly. You have to wait.

What to do if the visa is expired?

If your visa is expired then you don’t have to worry. The Department of home affairs will allow 28 days grace period. In this grace period, you are eligible to apply for visa renewal. In case 28 had already passed then you have to leave the country  as soon as possible because no option is left with you.

Renew your existing visa

In a few types of visas, you are not allowed to apply for visa renewals. So there will not be any other option than to leave the country. In case you want to visit Australia, you need to apply for a fresh visa and follow the complete visa process.

Apply for Bridging Visa

Apply for a bridging visa once you know that your visa is expired. Bridging a visa grants you a few more days so that you make your necessary arrangement to leave the country or apply for visa renewal.

Applying for a bridging visa or renewing a visa looks easy but it involves a lot of legal formalities that you need to follow. Take Assistance from Immigration Lawyer to avoid visa rejection. Once the visa is expired you have no time left, so be careful while applying for a bridging visa or visa renewal. You will be deported from the country immediately

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