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Watermelon – The Superfood For Men


Watermelon – The Superfood For Men

The benefits of watermelon for men are many. The fruit is rich in lycopene, a powerful antioxidant that protects against prostate cancer. This hydrating fruit can be eaten fresh add to smoothies or blend into juice. Watermelon can also be use to make ice pops. There are many watermelon recipes including ice pops and smoothies. If you are interest in learning more about the health benefits of watermelon read on!


Watermelons contain more lycopene than any other fruit or vegetable. Lycopene has many health benefits, including a reduced risk of heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. It is also a great antioxidant that improves immunity. The best way to get your daily recommende dose of lycopene is to eat a wedge of ripe watermelon. Watermelons are best serve at room temperature.

The carotenoid pathway in watermelon is relatively simple, and scientists have identified the genes that produce the carotenoids. The lycopene pathway branches off into two branches, producing a-carotene and b-carotene via a catalytic enzyme called lycopene e-cyclase (LCYE). Then b-carotene is hydroxylate to produce lutein and zeaxanthin which are both converte to violaxanthin. Fildena 150 online, a medication for male erectile dysfunction, is now available.


If you like the taste of melon, it’s time to start focusing on the potassium in watermelon. This plant species belongs to the Cucurbitaceae family and is a flowering vine-like plant. It’s one of the world’s most popular fruits, with more than a thousand varieties. However before we get start on potassium let’s look at what watermelon is.

A single wedge of watermelon contains approximately three cups of water. This is far too much potassium and water. Dietitians recommend that you limit yourself to about a cup of watermelon at a time. You can use a measuring cup or cut the fruit into bite-sized pieces. Potassium content in watermelon depends on its processing method. It should be firm but not mushy. To tell if your watermelon is ripe, tap it on the outside.

Although the level of potassium in watermelon varies depending on its preparation and storage method, a serving contains eleven2 mg of potassium per 100g. A 100g serving contains approximately 30 calories and 0.1 g of protein, 7.55 grams of carbohydrates, and 0.15 g of fat. The RDI for potassium can vary with age and health. The RDI for watermelon depends on a person’s age, health status, and other factors.


A recent study in the International Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences reported that the omega-6 fatty acids in watermelon seeds may help fight type 2 diabetes. While low levels of magnesium have long been link to the metabolic syndrome they have also been associate with high risk of type 2 diabetes. In addition low magnesium intake has also associate with insulin resistance in non-diabetic African Americans. So what is magnesium in watermelon and how does it affect the body?

The minerals found in watermelon have many health benefits, from increasing energy levels to maintaining the body’s health. Niacin is important for the nervous system which is why a deficiency in this vitamin is link to problems with the brain and psychiatric symptoms. Magnesium on the other hand helps activate enzymes necessary for breaking down food and producing energy. Deficient amounts of magnesium can lead to poor digestion and an increased risk of Alzheimer’s disease. Magnesium supplementation can help prevent such conditions.

Watermelon seeds are load with beneficial nutrients including vitamin C and zinc. This antioxidant supports heart health and helps regulate high blood pressure. Magnesium helps regulate blood pressure. Niacin a nutrient found in watermelon is beneficial for the nervous system the digestive system and the skin. In addition to this magnesium has  prove to improve blood flow in the heart. This makes watermelon seed seeds an excellent choice for anyone with high blood pressure or diabetes.


Watermelon is a popular summertime snack with plenty of benefits for your health. The fruit contains about 25 percent of your daily vitamin C and nine percent of your daily vitamin A. The natural substance L-citrulline, found in watermelon, can improve blood vessel function, lower blood pressure, and improve circulation. Its ability to improve blood flow is one of the reasons it’s sometimes dubbed nature’s Fildena 120 mg, a medicine that eases erectile dysfunction by increasing blood flow to the penis. Some studies have even found watermelon to be beneficial to athletic performance, as studies have shown that men who drank 16 ounces of watermelon juice had better recovery time from their exercises.

Antioxidants found in watermelon are beneficial for prostate health. Antioxidants reduce inflammation and help lower cholesterol. Like lycopene have been link to a reduced risk of prostate cancer. Lycopene is a polyphenol find in watermelons which may reduce the risk of prostate cancer. The antioxidants in watermelon help your prostate gland resist cancer and maintain its youthful appearance.

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