What Are The Garment Accessory Inspection Processes?

“To determine the quality of garments, several tests can be done. Read this blog to know more about garment accessory inspection processes”.

Garment inspection is one of the most important parts of readymade garment sector. During Inspection, an inspector from inspection agency checks whether the garment is ready to deliver or not. Here are some important garment accessory inspection processes given below:

Pull Test

This is one of the simplest tests that is performed first to check the quality of the garment. In this test, the inspectors apply force on the accessories of the clothes to see if the products break off or not. If the accessory gets detached from the product, the test will be failed. This pull Test is comprehensive for the children’s clothing specially. Without this pull Test, there are certain risks about choking for the product. Generally, the inspector from any third party inspection service in India performs this test by hand, whether the manufacturer can have a machine to perform this test.

Fatigue Test

The fastener test generally test about the quality of the zip or any type of fastener in the garment. In this test, the inspector opens and closes the zip or fastener at 50 cycles. Even after this year, if the zipper or the fastener works adequately well, then the product is up to the mark. In that case, the inspector chooses only one fastener from the garment as the manufacturer use same brand fastener in all over the garment.

In case, any business want more complex type of fastener test, then the rest is fine with any equipment or tool in the testing laboratory. But manual fatigue test is more common than the machine one.

Stretch Test

This stretch test is generally applicable for those garments that have elastic waistband. In cause of faulty elastic waistband, the garment accessory can be unwearable. In that case, it can not hold the garment properly in place. The stretch test persons a thorough check on its stretch, elongation and longevity of the strap and ties. During the stretch test, the inspector stretches the elastic by hand to find breakage or stucked in the sane piece. Like fatigue test, this test can be also performed in sing a machine. In fact, the stretch us not time consuming and the test method can vary as per the piece of elastic.

Buttonhole Test

The buttons in a garment tend to fall off. Most of the time, the manufacturer add one extra button in the garment for easy replacement. But it does not mean that buttons are only the important thing to inspect on the same part. Apart from button, the buttonhole also plays a major role in clothing inspection. These buttonhole defects hurt the sakes of the same brand garments and brand perception. The following circumstances can be marked as the buttonhole defects, such as:

  1. Incomplete sticked around the buttonhole.
  2. The buttonhole size doesn’t match the buttons itself.
  3. Sewn in vertically, horizontally or vice versa that doesn’t match the garment style.


These above are some necessary tests to be performed during garment quality inspection. To have it properly inspected, you can hire a reputed inspection agency in India. They know about the common defect dress for garment and check them thoroughly, so you don’t lose your brand reputation in the market.

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