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Arts and Entertainment

What are the top money-making apps for 2022 in India?

Many people are seeking new and interesting ways to earn their money. The idea of making a little extra cash is appealing to everyone. Take a moment to remember when you ran out of cash and you made sure to get more. Money has that power, to achieve it, we work harder and go out of our way. This is why so many people are looking for ways to make some extra cash on the side.

Nowadays, people are using social media to make money, and the best way to make money on social media is to create short videos. Short videos are a great way to engage with your audience, and they can also be a great way to make money. There are a few different ways to make money from videos, and the best way to make money is to sell products or services through your videos or small business/online business. 

You can also make money by advertising other products or services on your short videos, or by providing video content to other companies. If you have a large following on social media, you can also make money by selling advertising space on your page or by partnering with other companies.

Here is the best short video app in India which helps you create clips & earn money: 


It is the app where you can find anything you want. PickZon has different features that have different benefits and earnings. The most popular app is “Clip” which allows you to create 30-sec clips(short videos) with different music and genres like Education, inspiration, humor, jokes, memes, statistics, and breaking news.        


With Chingari, you can make short videos and share them with your favorite content creators. Chingari allows you to earn from creating videos, and gives you points based on the popularity of your video and how many people have seen it. Points are converted to cash and transferred to your account.


the app allows you to create short videos, there are some ways to earn on the app, the first method is creating short videos & do collaborations with other content creators. The second way to earn is to promote the brand or products. Affiliate marketing is the best way to generate money with the Moj app by mentioning a product in a video or by using an affiliate link to use a product.


This app is used for long videos but recently, the app launched a new feature called YouTube Shorts which allows you to create 15 to 30-sec videos. People were not aware that YouTube was an option for earning money online, but slowly, more and more people are aware that YouTube brings in income. There are many YouTube creators nowadays, some of them get the success and some are still trying.  

There are many more ways to earn online except than creating short videos, listed below: 


Blogs are online diaries that can be an easy or difficult way to make money. If you don’t have a domain, you can write online for free, or you can buy one if you do. There are numerous internet resources to help you start a blog.

Paid Promotion:

As a well-known person or influencer, you will be approached by several firms that want you to advertise their products or services. This point, however, is dependent on the number of followers you have; if you have a high number of followers, you will be able to promote large brands, whereas if you have a small number of followers, you will be able to promote tiny brands that have the potential to expand in the future. 

Selling online:

One of the most effective methods to showcase your creativity and talent is to sell stuff online, such as your drawings or handcrafted items. You can sell anything nowadays, but people like to buy handcrafted items, which you can sell and earn from. You can start a variety of online enterprises that way.

Owners of retail stores:

Use social media if you have an offline store and want to reach out to additional clients. Let me show you how to expand your customer base. You can create a social media account in your company’s name and tell people what you’re selling and offer them discount prices to entice them to come to your store.

These are some tips for making money online, and you should use the right app for it. The best short video app in India is “PICKZON”, which allows you to create clips (short movies), as well as sell and buy products.

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