Causes of computer freeze



This article depicts how to investigate freeze issues on Windows-based computers and servers. It additionally gives techniques for gathering information that will assist executives or programming designers with diagnosing, recognizing, and fixing these issues.


Expecting that your computer working temperature is high you can experience a computer stoppage and in the end computer freezes. If you don’t check your computer parts’ temperature, they can get irreversibly hurt. 

MIGHTY PC CLEANER gives us unbelievable ideas on the topic of What Causes Computer To Freeze. Could we at any point take a gander at things equitably? We’ve what is happening when you are achieving something genuinely critical on a work or school task, and a short time later, it ends up working – your computer freezes. Your computer turns pointless and you’ve lost every one of the information and progress on your endeavors.


computer infections can similarly be support for why your computer freezes. They can demolish your system and make your computer unusable.

Expecting your computer freezes reliably, maybe your computer has lacking RAM. On the off chance that your RAM isn’t adequate your computer execution can moreover be toned down


Identify the issue


  • Which computer is freezing? For instance, the impacted computer is an actual server or a virtual server.
  • What activity happened when it froze? For instance, this issue happens when you shut down.
  • How frequently do the mistakes happen? For instance, this issue happens consistently at 7 PM.
  • On what number of computers does this freeze happen? For instance, all computers or just a single computer.

Investigate the freeze issues


To investigate the freeze issues, really look at the ongoing status of your computer, and follow one of the accompanying strategies.

For the computer that is as yet running in a frozen state

If the actual computer or the virtual machine is as yet freezing, utilize at least one of the accompanying strategies for investigating:


Attempt to get to the computer through a far-off work area association.


Utilize a space record or neighborhood manager record to sign in to the computer with the equipment producer’s remote access arrangement. For instance, Dell Remote Access Card (DRAC), HP Integrated Lights-Out (ILO), or IBM Remote boss connector (RSA).

Test ping to the computer. Search for dropped bundles and high organization dormancy.

Access regulatory offers,


Press Ctrl + Alt + Delete and take a look at the reaction.


Attempt to utilize Windows distant organization instruments. For instance, Computer Management, Server Manager, and Wmimgmt.MSc


For the computer that is not generally frozen

On the off chance that the actual computer or virtual machine froze, however, is presently running in a decent state, utilize at least one of the accompanying strategies for investigating.

For an actual computer

  • Audit the System and Application logs from the computer that is having the issue. Check the occasion logs for the pertinent Event ID:
  • Application occasion log: Application Error, which recommends an accident or important framework process
  • Framework Event logs, Service Control Manager Error occasion IDs for basic framework administrations
  • Blunder Event IDs 2019/2020 with source Srv/Server
  • Create a System Diagnostics Report by running For a virtual machine


Audit the System and Application logs from the computer that is having the issue.

Produce a System Diagnostics Report by running Check the framework’s set of experiences in virtual administration observing devices.


Gather information for the freeze issues


 To gather information for a waiter freeze, really look at the accompanying table, and utilize at least one of the proposed strategies.

Method 1: Memory dump

A total memory dump document records every one of the items in framework memory when the computer stops out of the blue. A total memory dump document might contain information from processes that were running when the memory dump record was gathered.

Assuming that the computer is not generally frozen and presently is running in a decent state, utilize the accompanying moves toward empower memory dump so you can gather memory dump when the freeze issue happens once more. If the virtual machine is as yet running in a frozen state, utilize the accompanying moves toward empowering and gathering memory dump.

Ensure that the computer is set up to get a total memory dump record.


Go running and enter the System. CPL, and afterward press enter.


In System Properties, on the Advanced tab, select Performance > Settings > Advanced. Select the Change to check option and change the virtual memory.


Return to System Properties > Advanced > Settings in Startup and Recovery.


In the Write Debugging Information segment, select Complete Memory Dump.


Select Overwrite any current record.

Ensure that there’s a paging record (page file. sys) on the framework drive and that it’s no less than 100 MB over the introduced RAM (Initial and Maximum Size).


Ensure that there’s more accessible space on the framework drive than there’s actual RAM.


To permit the framework to produce a dump document by utilizing the console, empower the CrashOnCtrlScroll vault esteem.


Open the Registry Editor, and afterward find the accompanying library keys:






Make the accompanying CrashOnCtrlScroll library passage in the two vault keys:

Esteem Name: CrashOnCtrlScroll

Information Type: REG_DWORD

Esteem: 1

Close the Registry Editor and restart the PC.

On a few actual computers running prior forms of Windows, you might produce a nonmarketable interference (NMI) from a web interface component like DRAC, ILO, or RSA. Nonetheless, as a matter of course, this setting will stop the framework without making a memory dump.

Method 2: Data sanity check

Utilize the Dump Check Utility (Dumcomputerhk.exe) to peruse a memory dump record. It can likewise confirm that the record was made accurately and isn’t undermined or invalid.


Utilizing Dumcomputerhk

Download Dumcomputerhk


Method 3: Performance Monitor


You can utilize Windows Performance Monitor to analyze what programs that you run mean for your computer’s exhibition, both continuously and by gathering log information for later investigation. To make execution counter and occasion follow log assortments on neighborhood and distant frameworks










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