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What Causes Leg Pain and How to Treat It

Normal reasons for leg pain

Agony or distress anyplace in the leg can go from a dull long to a serious cutting sensation. Most leg pain happens because of abuse or minor wounds. The distress frequently vanishes inside a brief time frame and can be facilitated with home cures.

At times, be that as it may, a serious ailment might be causing the aggravation. See your PCP assuming you’re encountering serious or relentless leg torment. Seeking a brief finding and treatment for any basic circumstances might keep the aggravation from deteriorating and work on your drawn-out viewpoint.

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A portion of the more normal reasons for leg torment is minor or brief circumstances that your PCP can treat successfully.


An essential driver of leg torment is a muscle issue or fit that is frequently known as “a cramp.” A spasm as a rule triggers unexpected, sharp agony as the leg muscles contract. The fixing muscles frequently structure a noticeable, hard protuberance underneath the skin. There might be a few redness and expansion in the encompassing region.

Muscle weariness and drying out may prompt leg cramps, particularly in the calf. Certain prescriptions, including diuretics and statins, may likewise cause leg cramps in certain individuals.


Leg torment is likewise regularly an indication of injury, like the accompanying:

  • Muscle strain is a typical physical issue that happens when the muscle filaments tear because of overextending. It frequently happens in the bigger muscles, like the hamstrings, calves, or quadriceps.
  • Tendinitis is irritation of a ligament. Ligaments are thick lines that join the muscles to bone. At the point when they become aroused, moving the impacted joint can be troublesome. Tendinitis frequently influences ligaments in the hamstrings or close to the heel bone.
  • Knee bursitis happens when the liquid-filled sacs, or bursa, encompassing the knee joint becomes aggravated.
  • Stress cracks are little breaks in the leg bones, especially those in the shinbone.


Certain ailments generally lead to leg torment. These include:

  • Joint inflammation is an aggravation of the joints. The condition might cause enlarging, agony, and redness in the impacted region. It frequently influences joints in the knees and hips.
  • Gout is a type of joint pain that can happen when a lot of uric corrosive develops in the body. It generally causes agony, expansion, and redness in the feet and lower part of the legs.
  • Varicose veins are hitched and developed veins that structure when the veins overload with blood because of uncouth valves. They typically seem enlarged or raised and can be excruciating. They most frequently happen in the calves and lower legs.
  • Disease in the bone or tissues of the leg can cause expanding, redness, or torment in the impacted region.
  • Nerve harm in the leg might cause deadness, torment, or shivering. It frequently happens in the feet and lower part of the legs because of diabetes.

Different reasons for leg pain

The accompanying circumstances and wounds can likewise prompt leg torment, yet they’re more uncommon causes:

A slipped (herniated) plate happens when one of the rubbery in the middle of between the vertebrate gets awkward. The circle can pack nerves in the spine. This might set off torment that moves from your spine to your arms and legs.

Osgood-Schlatter illness happens when the ligament that associates the kneecap to the shinbone becomes stressed. It pulls on the ligament of the tibia where it joins deep down. It makes an excruciating protuberance structure beneath the knee, bringing about delicacy and expanding around the knee. It essentially happens in teenagers encountering development sprays during adolescence.

Legg-Calve-Perthes sickness happens because of interference of the blood supply to the bundle of the hip joint. The absence of blood supply seriously harms the bone and can twist it forever. These irregularities frequently bring about torment, particularly around the hip, thigh, or knee. This essentially happens during youth.

Dangerous, or harmful, bone cancers might shape in the bigger leg bones, like the thighbone or shinbone.

Treating leg pain at home

You can normally treat leg torment at home in the event that it’s because of issues or a minor physical issue. Attempt the accompanying home medicines when your leg torment is from muscle spasms, weakness, or abuse:

  • Rest your leg however much as could be expected, and raise your leg with pads.
  • Take an over-the-counter pain killer, like headache medicine or ibuprofen, to assist with facilitating uneasiness as your leg mends.
  • Wear pressure socks or stockings with help.

Apply ice

Apply ice to the impacted region of your leg somewhere around four times each day. You can do this significantly more every now and again in the initial not many days after the torment shows up. You can leave the ice on for up to 15 minutes all at once.

Scrub down and stretch

Clean up, and afterward delicately stretch your muscles. In the event that you have torment in the lower piece of your leg, take a stab at pointing and fixing your toes while sitting or standing. 

Assuming that you have torment in the upper piece of your leg, attempt to twist around and contact your toes.

You can do this while sitting on the ground or standing up. Slip into each stretch, standing firm on each footing for five to 10 seconds. Quit extending on the off chance that your torment deteriorates.

When to see your primary care physician about leg pain

It can some of the time be hard to decide when leg torment warrants an excursion to the specialist or the trauma center. Plan a physical checkup in the event that you’re encountering:

  • enlarging in the two legs
  • varicose veins that are causing distress
  • torment while strolling
  • leg torment that keeps on deteriorating or continues past a couple of days

Go to the emergency clinic right away if any of the following happens:

  • You have a fever.
  • You have a profound cut on your leg.
  • Your leg is red and warm to the touch.
  • Your leg is pale and feels cool to the touch.
  • You’re experiencing issues breathing and you have expansion in the two legs.

Various difficult circumstances and wounds might cause leg torment. Never overlook leg torment that doesn’t appear to be disappearing or that is joined by different side effects. Doing so could be risky. See your primary care physician in the event that you’re worried about your leg torment.

Forestalling leg pain

You ought to constantly set aside some margin to extend your muscles when practicing to forestall leg torment because of active work. It’s additionally useful to eat food sources that are high in potassium, like bananas and chicken, to assist with forestalling wounds of the leg muscles and ligaments.

You can assist with forestalling ailments that might cause nerve harm in the legs by doing the accompanying:

  • Practice for 30 minutes of the day, five days out of every week.
  • Keep a solid weight.
  • Abstain from smoking.
  • Screen your cholesterol and circulatory strain, and do whatever it may take to monitor them.
  • Limit your liquor utilization to one beverage each day on the off chance that you’re a lady or two beverages each day assuming you’re a man

Converse with your PCP about alternate ways of forestalling the particular reason for your leg torment. Visit pain


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