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What color to associate with wood? Ultimate guide to follow

Wondering what color to associate with wood? Good news: a wide variety of colors go well with wooden furniture! To make your choice, it is important to take into account your interior decoration and the atmosphere you want to create in your room. Here are all our tips for choosing the right tones that sublimate the wood.


Pastel colors are very trendy. They help to create a soft and soothing atmosphere. These soft tones, married with light wood, are perfect for a Scandinavian decoration. We will then combine pastel with white to accentuate this Nordic spirit. These powdery tones, with light wood essences, are also a very good choice for a child’s room. Accessories such as cushions or pastel comforters will sit well in a small wooden chair!


Do you dream of a calm atmosphere that calls for relaxation? So pair white with wood. In a dining room, wooden furniture with white walls will be enhanced by a resolutely refined style. It is a timeless color that suits everyone. In addition, it is very effective in bringing natural light to the room. If you want to create a hygge atmosphere where life is good in the living room, place candles and pretty cushions here and there. Wicker baskets and ethnic objects will also be appreciated for an assertive bohemian chic style. In a bedroom, white is soothing and, with light wood, it creates a bubble of serenity. Finally, integrating a white, fluffy carpet on a wooden floor offers you a real cocoon of softness.


The mineral shades take us into a universe where gray has a preponderant place. The association of gray and its different shades with wood makes it possible to obtain several atmospheres. Thus, to create an industrial decoration, we favor dark wood or a rustic look. The latter will be nicely enhanced by anthracite gray, which is often found on the metal elements that will complete your industrial universe. For a softer Scandinavian-style decoration, opt instead for shades of light gray. They will go perfectly with light wood furniture.


We love the bright colors that give pep to the decoration! It is by no means forbidden to combine them with wood, quite the contrary. This is how orange or red will ideally match the different types of existing wood. In a kitchen or living room, red reinforces the authenticity and rustic side of wooden furniture. We can also think of the industrial style, which wonderfully combines a red brick wall with wooden and metal furniture. Go for examples on Homary.com. The orange color, resolutely pop, brings dynamism as well as a retro side that will go perfectly with old wooden furniture. Of course, you can opt for a more traditional decoration and adopt orange designer accessories or furniture to enhance your room. As for yellow, it will bring brightness to your decor and make your room solar! Pale yellow, on the other hand, goes wonderfully with light wood species. You will then create a softer atmosphere that illuminates the space in all lightness.


Black is a color to combine with wood to create a sober and elegant decor. It is the star of industrial or design styles! Light and dark wood species are highlighted by a sublime contrast. To integrate this color into your interior, you can paint a section of wall black or opt for furniture that combines wood and this color. To prevent your room from being too dark, we advise you to integrate some light elements into your decoration as well as to pay attention to the brightness so that it is sufficient.


Natural colors blend easily with wood. These are colors such as green, brown, taupe or even terracotta. It must be said that they coexist in nature and that they are a source of inspiration for the house.

Thus, green and its many shades are the most beautiful effect with wood. It can dress the walls and objects to create an interior with a natural decor. The wooden furniture will be underlined by a soft green or a fir green. If you like plants, you will get a nice effect by integrating them into this atmosphere, which can be zen or rural.

A deep and versatile shade, taupe is a color that sublimates all materials. It can be displayed on walls or furniture and adapt to very different atmospheres and decorations. With an exotic wood, it brings a bohemian touch, but can also go with the industrial or hygge style.

The brown and terracotta tones will warm up your light wood furniture. Likewise, they pair beautifully with dark wood furniture. Terracotta, very popular, brings out the details of antique furniture and varnished or lacquered woods. This warm color can also integrate various atmospheres: traditional, contemporary or industrial!

Brown, from the lightest to the warmest, is suitable for different traditional or modern styles. A contemporary living room, for example, will gain in elegance with furniture that mixes dark wood and brown leather. Touches of brown will match a Scandinavian style where light wood furniture dominates and will satisfy your bohemian desires.

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