What Equipment Do I Need To Open a Fast Food Restaurant?

Equipment For Fast Food Restaurant

Kitchens on television that seem to be overrun with unnecessary appliances frequently leave us feeling sorry for them. These unnecessary kitchen products take up valuable storage space in the cupboards, work surfaces, and drawers. Asparagus peelers, brownie pans, slicers, etc., are all just unnecessary kitchen knick-knacks. Good kitchen gadgets, on the other hand, completely alter the rules. These low-tech, well-designed kitchen tools will make your life much easier and faster. It’s like getting a fantastic present from some of history’s greatest chefs! Customers consider the kitchen quality, chef and the types of equipment used before choosing a restaurant for refreshments, family picnics or parties.

We speak with some professional chefs and list some of the equipment they prefer in their restaurant’s kitchen, and you will need these too. If you are planning or already in the middle of opening a new restaurant, one of the most important steps to follow is choosing the right and professional equipment for the kitchen because that will be the focal point of your business. Cooking is an art; great food can only be made when you enjoy it. There are several cooking equipments which make your cooking easy and enjoyable. Good quality ovens and a range of good equipment make this happen.

Henny Penny Fryer:

It is a dream come true machine for chefs in a restaurant, and they definitely buy Henny Penny fryer. It cooks the chicken, does not lose its moisture, and creates a barrier between oil. A chicken cooked in a Henny Penny fryer has more nutrition than other fryers. It absorbs all the seasonings. You can increase your turnover rate because you can fry your chicken in it in just 10 minutes, while others take approx 18 minutes. This is more economical and will not burden your budget while opening a new restaurant.

Combi Oven:

You can cook in different modes and set the right heat and humidity for perfect results. Other than temperature control, humidity is the most important thing to control in an oven. Because humidity is what helps in transporting the heat. Combi Oven is Electrolux Professional’s air-o-steam and is the only appliance capable of measuring humidity by observing the quantity of air in the oven cavity.

Blast Chiller:

You can easily master very high temperatures with the help of Combi over, and you can master the process the other way around with the help of a powerful professional blast chiller. The Electrolux Cook&Chill system is used to bring food temperatures from as high as 300°C down to -42°C. The Cook & Chill process helps you save preparation time, keep everything hygiene and healthy food safety levels high, and maintain the most important textures of food, colours and flavours of your food.

Ginger Greater:

In the hands of a competent chef, the humble ginger grater can do miracles. Spending hours in the kitchen peeling ginger when you might be out enjoying life is a waste of time. This rough, trapezoidal block is widely accessible in every major grocery store. The time and ginger you save by not having to peel and dice the vegetable by hand is well worth the cost of this little piece of equipment. The device also requires less effort to clean. Not only can you grate ginger, but also nutmeg and cheese.

Kitchen Tongs: 

Having kitchen tongs at your disposal will be like having an extra pair of hands when you need them most. Have any idea why? Because they serve more than one function. They’re multipurpose and may replace various kitchen tools, including a spatula, ladle, wooden spoon, and oven mitt. As a result, tongs may be used for almost every kitchen task, including tossing pasta, removing hot food from the oven, and roasting coal or peppers over the stove. You can use them to accomplish whatever your hands couldn’t, from opening jars to checking whether veggies are cooked. Just think of something!

Garlic Dicer:

A knife and cutting board will do the trick if you don’t use a lot of garlic in your cooking. The garlic press is something you can spend on. A simple stainless-steel device would do the trick. Garlic presses are superior to other methods because they produce perfectly formed garlic from unpeeled cloves without wasting any of the vegetables.


That the peels and skins of your veggies and fruits stay intact brings you enormous delight. What is the procedure? A peeler is a necessary tool. A dull vegetable peeler is frustrating because it pauses intermittently as you work. On the other hand, an excellent vegetable peeler is heaven-sent since it makes short work of removing the skin off vegetables and fruits in broad ribbons. To peel parmesan cheese, you only need a strong, sharp peeler. Everything else is taken care of.

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