What is Neem Manure? learn here

Neem Manure: Neem is a tree that has been used as medicine since ancient times. From its leaves to roots, stems, bark, and fruit are in the form of medicines. It is a tree that is most commonly used as a pesticide. As bitter as it is, it is also beneficial. Neem not only has the utility of neem among the common people, but now neem manure has emerged as a boon for the crops of the farmer brothers. At present, neem manure and insecticide made from it are doing the work of lifesaving for organic farming. So come, in this article on Rural India, you know all the questions related to neem manure. Biosoilz


What is Neem Manure?

Neem has the status of a physician, and the usefulness of neem in making medicine for humans is universal. Similarly, its manure is also very effective for crop protection. Neem manure is prepared from neem bark, twigs, leaves, and nimboli (fruit on neem). It is most commonly used as an organic farming pesticide. Neem manure protects crops in the same way as expensive chemical medicines.


Benefits of Neem Manure:

  • Farming cost is reduced and farmer income increases.
  • It is bio-degradable and can be used with many different types of fertilizers.
  • It helps in maintaining the fertility of the land.
  • Being free from heavy metals, it is absolutely safe for crops and soil.
  • Balanced nutrition, growth, and non-toxic to crops.
  • This compost enhances the growth of organic matter.
  • If 1 kg of Nimboli powder per quintal is mixed with gram and pulses, then the stored grains can be protected for 6 to 12 months.


Make neem fertilizer like this:

To make its solution, grind 1 kg neem leaves, nimboli bark finely. It should be ground like a chutney. After which tie it in a cloth and keep it overnight. Squeeze its pulp on the second day and use it as manure. Mix the juice extracted from the pulp in 10 liters of water. Keep spraying it on the crops from time to time, apart from this, grind the nimboli and mix 5 liters of waste decomposer solution in it. Cover and leave it for about 25 days. After preparation, adding water to it can be used for many years. Keep in mind that it has to be prepared in the shade and keep it in a shady place.

Let us tell you that manure makes the soil bitter and destroys the organisms that grow in it. It is not only safe from an environmental point of view, as well as diseases caused by crops can also be avoided. Clean the dry seeds of 5 kg neem, remove its peel and remove the neem kernel. Make a powder by grinding it, put this powder in ten liters of water and keep it overnight. Mix this solution by stirring it with a wooden stick in the morning and filter it with a fine cloth. Mix 100 grams of laundry powder in this solution and then mix it in 150 to 200 liters of water. It is a suitable insecticide.

Two and a half kg Two and a half to three kg of neem sawdust. Make a paste of these three garlic and 250 to 300 grams of edible tobacco, mix two liters of cow urine or kerosene in this paste, and sprinkle it on the paddy or wheat crop.


How to use Neem Manure:

Farmers can use 150 kg per hectare of neem manure in one acre. After applying neem manure in the field, plow the land properly, so that the manure is completely mixed in the soil. Farmers can prepare a solution of 300 ml of neem oil in 150 liters of water and spray it per acre. This will kill the insects that damage the crops. By spraying 1-2 liters of its oil per acre, biting, chewing, and sucking insects are destroyed, and even children are not able to come out from the eggs of insects.

  • Keep these things in mind while using neem manure
  • Spraying of neem manure in the morning or evening gives good results.
  • Spraying after 10 days in winter and 2-3 days in the rainy season.
  • Spray in such a way that it reaches the lower ends of the leaves as well.
  • Spray the lighter solution at an interval of fewer days than the thicker solution.


You can easily protect against these pests with neem manure.

  • Termite
  • bitter
  • white guidar
  • Mango Gujiya
  • grasshoppers
  • white braided
  • Effective on 400 species of insects including spiders

Hope you liked this article on Neem manuner. We will continue to provide such information from time to time for our farmer brothers. Please share this article with your farmer friends.

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