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What is the Ideal Process to Design the Interior of a Bedroom?

Maybe you don’t have the budget for hiring an interior designer? Or maybe you just enjoy the idea of designing it by yourself? Whatever the reason might be, don’t forget that designing a bedroom can be an intimate affair. There are a lot of factors to consider such as the design should be simple; it should reflect your personality and it should function properly as well. A lot of things to consider, right? You might get overwhelmed when you think about redesigning a whole room and might want to think again. We feel you! If you are also someone searching for tips on how to design a bedroom, we have got your back! In this blog, we will cover everything, from the right color of the walls to the right-sized furniture. Ready? Let’s begin!

10 Tips to Design a Beautiful Bedroom

Have you ever been in a bedroom that just feels right? Have you ever wondered why is it so? We spend nearly one-third of our lives sleeping then why not invest a little time, effort, and money to make your bedroom amazing? Here are 10 tips on how you can design your bedroom in a better way.

  • Don’t Ignore The Ceiling:

    A lot of people ignore the ceiling. Don’t make that mistake. Do you want to see a blank wall when you lie on your bed? No? Then try adding a subtle pattern or a soft color to the ceiling. You can also add a stencil, wallpaper, beams, moldings, chandelier, or a decorative paint treatment to the ceiling to give the feeling of comfort and intimacy.

  • Have A Lot Of Storage:

    For all your stuff, you need to store your things out of sight as it will make the room appear calmer and more spacious. You can use bedside table drawers for your lotion, glasses, books, and other things. You can also use storage trunks and shallow boxes under your bed and a headboard with built-in shelves for more space to keep your things.

  • The Right Paint Palette:

    You should always try to choose soothing subtle shades of monochromatic tones instead of bold ones. You need to remember the color theory. Hues of blue, lavender, and green are considered calm and serene whereas if you want to set the mood of comfort and coziness, you can go for rich jewel tones hues.

  • Choose Suitable Furniture:

    When it’s time to buy furniture, start with a floor plan and measured drawing of the room. Your furniture should fit your room so don’t buy large beds and drawers if the room is small. If the room is tall, you can add a headboard to bring its size down visibly. Moreover, you can add a chair or an ottoman if your room is big and a little space is left.

  • Lighting Options:

    Want a good ambiance for your room? Lighting is the answer. Everyone likes a well-lit space. You can use a chandelier, recessed lights, bedside lamps, LED lights, low-hung pendant lights, and more to have a stunning décor for the room.

  • Cover Your Windows:

    You can always frame your window and the view out of it with the help of a beautiful drape or curtain. It adds color, pattern, and softness to the room. If you decide to sleep in late someday, you can also add opaque blinds and drapery lining to keep the sun out of your eyes.

  • Keep It Simple:

    Whatever your style is, you may want to keep the room simple, sophisticated, elegant, and cozy. Ease of movement should also be kept in mind. Add only the furniture that you need. Don’t overdo it else it will all be a clutter. Keep accessories to a minimum. You can also select some flowers, candles, artwork, and family photos to keep on the side tables.

  • Luxurious Linens:

    Who doesn’t like to décor their room with beautiful and luxurious fabrics? Try to add beautiful linens that match the style of your room. You can also add cashmere throw on the arm of your chair, hang silk draperies, plush floor covering, and even cover the walls with textured coverings to give that “rich” look.

  • Focus On the View:

    Whether it is the stunning look of the lake or your backyard, having a pleasant view always helps. So, if you’re remodeling the room, consider adding a view to the layout of your bedroom.

  • A Space to Get Ready:

    If you don’t have a separate walk-in closet or dressing area, you can consider making a separate corner for it. You just need a mirror, storage to hold your cosmetics and accessories, and some seating space and you are good to go!


Well, to be honest, a great bedroom doesn’t mean that you need to spend a fortune and include a design that is complex to build. An outstanding home design can also include a space that functions well, is easier on the pockets, easier to maintain, and more efficient to run. We hope that this blog helped you to set up your bedroom according to your taste. At the end of the day, you need to ensure that you need to make your room refreshing and airy as you will be spending a lot of your time there. If you are still confused about whether you should design it by yourself or not, don’t worry! You can always get in touch with House to Home design team to redesign your bedroom whenever you like and according to your taste. Contact us at 760 753 0567 and make your dream bedroom design come true!

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