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What is the Ruby programming language?

Ruby programming language is a object-oriented, general-purpose programming language made by japnese programmer Yukihiro Matsumoto. That time its object was to make buffer between programmers and computing machinery.

Students who pursue computer science in college often ask for ruby assignment help. Because making an assignment is often difficult for many students. Today we will discuss about ruby programming briefly.

Basics of ruby

Ruby is also a popular language used for developing web applications, server utilities etc. Now let us through some light on its basics:

Ruby keywords:

These are the keywords used for some internal processes or represent some predefined actions. These words cannot use variables or object names; otherwise, it shows you a compile-time error. There are 41 such keywords present in the ruby language for which you need programming assignment help.

Ruby data types:

All the data types used in this programming language is based on classes because it is a pure object-oriented language. It represents different data types like text, strings and numbers etc.

There are different types of data types like:

  • Strings.
  • Numbers.
  • Boolean.
  • Hashes.
  • Arrays.
  • Symbols etc.

Seek ruby assignment help to know more about it.

Syntax of Ruby programming language:

This language is developed in mid1990 in japan. The program in this language is easy to learn, and its similar syntax is already used in any language. An example of its syntax is:

#this line will print “Hey there” as output:

Output: Hey there.

For tuff syntax, seek programming assignment help.

Types of variables in a ruby programming language

There are many types of variables used in this programming language:

  • Local
  • Instance.
  • Class and Global variables etc.

Local variable:  This types of variables are start with the lowercase variable (a-z) or underscores (_). This only accessible within the block of its initialization. Such variables are also do not present outside the method. Get ruby assignment help for this, if needed.

Instance variables: This variables starts with the@ sign. It is similar to class variables, but its values are local to a specific instance of an object. Here, you cannot initialize the instance variables. Seek programming assignment help for a broad understanding of this.

Class and local variable: First one starts with the @@ sign. Class variable is present at different objects, whereas local variables’ names start with $. It is not available across classes. Get ruby assignment help for this.

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