What to expect from SEO in 2023 and how it will affect your job

According to SEO Malaysia, competitive search engine optimization is evolving rapidly. The importance of including relevant keywords in headlines, prioritizing optimization for mobile users, etc., remain constants.

But other things are in a perpetual state of flux. This year, Google and other major platforms are competing even more aggressively to become customers’ last stop.

More than anything else, this defines the most important SEO trends for 2023: figuring out how to maximize efficiency within the constraints imposed by Google.

1. The era of one-click searches is here.

More than half of all searches are now “zero-click searches,” thanks to SERP features like highlighted snippets, Google’s Local Packs, Knowledge graphs, etc. This implies that the solution to the user’s question may be found directly on the SERP, eliminating the need for further navigation.

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Don’t freak out. Those are individuals seeking for your physical location and contact information, so keep that in mind when you read the search terms. Or those with a simple query in need of a simple response. Those visitors aren’t likely to become buyers, therefore you shouldn’t worry about them.
Find out which search terms have a chance of bringing in visitors. With Rank Tracker and your Google Search Console account, you can see which of your targeted keywords really generate traffic. You can avoid wasting a tonne of time and energy optimising for questions that begin with phrases like “when,” “how many,” “what year,” and so on.
Those are necessary for content, but they shouldn’t be your primary focus when optimizing your site for search engines.

2. Try to improve your results in Rich and Featured Snippets

Since more and more people are doing their searches without clicking on any results, the content of the search engine results page (SERP) is more crucial than ever. Obtaining a Rich or Featured snippet is a fantastic strategy to stand out.

In comparison to a Featured snippet, the click-through rate (CTR) benefits from obtaining a Rich snippet (one that shows photos, stars for reviews, pricing for items, etc.) are lower. However, even if your organic search engine ranking (SERP) doesn’t change, the impact of your efforts will be magnified.

When a search engine results page (SERP) displays a “featured snippet,” which is essentially a block of text at the top of the page, the click-through rate (CTR) for that page jumps dramatically. However, obtaining one is far more difficult.

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To get any of these nuggets, your data must first and foremost be organized. Using Website Auditor, you may see whether your site’s data is already organized.
If it isn’t already, you should read this tutorial on working with structured data.

Find potential Featured snippet placements with the help of Rank Tracker. Focus on more than simply the terms you’re currently targeting. Keep an eye out for search terms where your rivals have already secured a Featured snippet.
Never assume that being number one in search results will automatically result in Rich or Featured snippets being shown. However, the potential benefits are well worth the effort required to optimize for them.

3. Local SEO is evolving

The vast majority of these “zero-click” queries are for local businesses, with results shown directly on the SERP in so-called “Local Packs.” Depending on the size of the user’s screen, a single Local Pack may take up as much real estate as an entire SERP.

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By setting up a Google My Business page for your firm, you may cover a wide range of queries, particularly those with “near me” or “address” and “phone number” keywords.

However, you shouldn’t stop there in your efforts. Many people’s searches will not conclude with Local pack results. People will still visit your site to do things like compare items, research in further depth, etc., and this is where conventional SEO strategies come into play.

As a result, it’s crucial to have a strong backlink profile. Find out what kinds of backlinks your rivals have and strive to earn some yourself.
When it comes to local SEO, it’s not enough to have any old backlinks; you need the ones that Google will recognize as being credible in your area.

Don’t forget to monitor how well you’re doing in local search engine results. Don’t forget that even a little shift in location might drastically alter the user’s search results. Use a keyword research tool like Rank Tracker to investigate term rankings down to a street and home level.

Examine this local SEO guide for further information and steps.

4. Mechanical help is here to stay.
Google has been utilizing learning algorithms for a long time to assist enhance search results and decrease the prevalence of keyword stuffing on websites. In 2020, when Google rolls out its new algorithm, BERT, this will be more crucial than ever.

According to our current understanding, Google employs three different techniques. The first is Neural Matching, which deduces the intent of the search. The second is Rank rain, which modifies search engine results pages based on user activity data. The third is the recently introduced BERT algorithm, which examines the search structure to learn more about the context of terms.

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There isn’t much we can do about algorithms like Neural matching and BERT; Neural matching is essentially Google’s backend, and BERT is all about producing high-quality content.

However, thorough consideration of RankBrain is needed. The objective is not to get arbitrary keyword rankings. Intention matching is critical to the success of content creation now and will become much more so in the future.

Since a large proportion of search engine results pages (SERPs) are now inaccessible if you rely on ranking alone without matching purpose.

The accurate search intent can only be gleaned by keeping a finger on the current ranking’s pulse. In order to understand what kind of material Google thinks is relevant for the queries you want to rank for, you may use Rank Tracker to keep an eye on the outcomes.

Create content that answers users’ questions once you’ve correctly identified the purpose behind the search queries you want to rank for.

5. Establishing one’s brand as a top priority

There is a growing consensus among today’s marketers that organic social is essentially doomed. While sponsored social advertising is very effective, the growing popularity of these campaigns is inevitably lowering the return on investment (ROI) for these campaigns.

At this point, it’s clear that everyone who hopes to expand through this method will have to shell out a greater proportion of their budget on sponsored advertisements. It is in these circumstances that the primary focus of digital marketers shifts to brand promotion and brand development. Both Google and Bing have confirmed that linkless mentions are employed as ranking factors, therefore their importance is growing.

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We need to go out and build relevant references first and foremost. In 2023, we must provide equal care to controlling linkless brand mentions and constructing excellent link profiles.

You may track not just brand mentions but also mentions of the specific services or products you provide by using a technique known as social media listening.

The primary benefit of this is the increased opportunity for direct interaction with customers. As a second benefit, you may increase your company’s profile by demonstrating your dedication to your clientele in a public forum.

It’s a way to get the word out about sales, discounts, and other deals to those who are really interested in your product. You may also launch a campaign to get mentioned in the same places as your top rivals by researching the places where they are already featured.

Any digital marketer worth their salt knows that using social listening tools is essential for increasing brand recognition and consumer engagement.


When advertising professionals finally get the hang of SEO, the rules alter. Adaptations in local SEO are a good case in point. These days, some local companies consider having Google My Business more vital than having a website. This is only one indication of a wider trend.

The greatest outcomes for our customers require that we maintain our finger on the pulse at all times and adapt our work to the ever-changing issues we face.

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