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What’s The Reason For Us To Need An Active Security System From Fire?

This Fire Barrier system was created to prevent spreading flames, as well as block heat and smoke from the walls of buildings in order to improve noise reduction.

They are ideal as pitched roof spaces, head of a wall and ceiling spaces, as well as other substrates, and the protection of structural steelwork from fire.

Rockwool protection against fire systems provide efficient solutions to prevent flames from spreading and prevent smoke from spreading through roof and ceiling gaps.

The stone wool solution is perfect for gaps that go over 10.5 metres. It is secured by a wire mesh which is stitch. knauf soundshield plus is create of stone wool.

The wire is electro-galvanised that is stitch on the other side. Fire Barriers were create to stop the spread of fires, and blocking heat and smoke from the building’s walls in order to minimise noise.


  •         Patented “quick fit” system to provide up to one hour of fire protection
  •         It is appropriate for voids of heights between 10.5 metres
  •         Reduces the sound produced by airborne sources.
  •         The wire mesh reinforcement is strengthened
  •         Service penetration data available


  •         Pitched roof voids
  •         Head of wall
  •         Spaces in the ceiling that can be hidden
  •         Many different kinds of substrates
  •         Protection against fire in structural steelwork

Effective fire compartments and non-combustible façade systems can help slow down spreading fire as well as giving the residents of the building more time to leave, and also giving firefighters longer time to contain the flame.

This is vital for medium and high-rise structures. The assessment of the relative fire resistance of the various buildings is a vital step to ensure that buildings are fireproof.

To accomplish this, a number of international standards for fire safety have adopted a time-based temperature curve that has proven to be a reliable method of testing harmonised parts and building materials in the event of a catastrophe.

The plasterboard and sound shield is an essential component in the building of structures that are resistant to fire. En özel ve seksi kadınlardan Ataköy Grup Genç Escortlar Ece Ve Gamze | İstanbul Escort Bayan sizlerle burada bulusuyor. Stone wool insulation can withstand temperatures as high as 1000o C as well as non-combustible, which can help to ensure that a flame within an area does not turn into an unintentional fire inside the structure.

Passive Fire Protection

Products to protect against fire made of Knauf Soundshield Plus can stop the fire from spreading, and stop the fire from spreading locally and stop the spread of flames.

A stone wool fibre that’s strong is an essential element of structures that are fireproof, as its fibres are not combustible and can endure temperatures up to 1,000 ° Celsius.

Find out the ways Rockwool products which are fireproof can enhance the security of buildings as well as the occupants of any construction job.

What’s the Reason We Need To Have an Active Security System from Fire?

Superglass Acoustic Insulation
Image Sources : Galaxy Insulation Uk

Knauf safeboard and climate change has new challenges to our contemporary living. The structures are buil close and higher the one another, and sometimes construction happens at a rapid rate.

The risk of fire may be raise because of this. It be due to:

  • Inadequate installation of the fire barrier created to stop fires from spreading inside the dwelling.
  • The use of combustion materials in the building phase.
  • Close proximity of buildings their neighbours that help in spreading fires from the building to the other.

In the case of renovations, it is recommend to take the same care into consideration, particularly due to the Energy Performance Building Directives (EPBD) that require construction firms to consider the fire safety aspect when doing making renovations to their building.

If you are building or renovating, making sure that no lives are at risk in the event of a fire is an important aspect to consider.

Calculator and Savings

Incorporating fire-resistant items in new construction or renovation projects could bring longer-term savings in costs. Additionally, it offers protection from the destruction of buildings caused by fire, and can reduce the repair costs in the future.

Why Should You Select Rockwool Solutions?

Resist To Fire

Non-combustible insulation such as Rockwool is able to endure temperatures up to 1000 degrees Celsius, ensuring that a house fire won’t be able to absorb temperatures that are too high.

The Spread Of Fire Slows Down 

Modern rooms that are average in size are fill with combustible materials, meaning that fires can happen 10 to 15 times faster than they were fifty years ago. Stone wool isn’t flammable, and helps to stop spreading fires.

Prevents Fire Developing 

Rockwool insulation can help stop fires and slow the spread of the fire helping to keep people secure and preventing future damage to the property.

More Secure Emissions Securer Emissions

If a fire starts to spread, the insulation we use does not produce large quantities of toxic smoke, reducing the risk of inhaling smoke.


By restricting the flame to a particular area of the building, Rockwool’s thermal insulation makes sure that the fire doesn’t spread to adjoining units, protecting nearby flats or structures from being destroy.

It’s A Problem

The security that the department’s fire fighters had was an essential aspect of this remodel. The contractor firm Roseville was give the responsibility of overcoming the difficulties of installing fire-stopping equip in the intricate construction within the construction.

They chose to utilise Rockwool sealing strips as well as fire sealants with a the length of 1,300 metres to increase the strength of the joints in linear form as well as service tunnels like the exit routes for fire.

Emissions That Are Secure Emissions

In the event of a fire breaking out, the insulation we use does not create large quantities of harmful smoke, thus reducing the possibility of smoking.

Protection Against Fire Made Of Rockwool

Do not produce an excessive quantity of toxic emissions

Make sure that structures are protect from the risk of being damage

Let The Occupants Have Longer Time To Leave

The products made from Rockwool help with the security and protection of property, which is essential to strong societies.


If you plan to installing Rockwool Fire protection items for an construction or renovation projects8:

Determine the measurement area of your installation and plan for the future by taking precise measurements.

Be aware of insulation that is in place If you are installing insulation over insulation that is already in place.

The Characteristics Of Fireproof RockWool Sandwich Roof

Cullamix Tyrolean
Image Sources : Galaxy Insulation Uk

The Knauf performance plus comprises two sheets of steel which are galvanised. The steel is coat with a pre-lacquer on the inner one and corrugate on the outside which protects the inner insulation of rock wool.

The method of making sandwich sheets is develop to enhance the fire resistance of rocks wool. Minerals are distribute in a symmetrical manner with in relation toward the plate.

Contrary to roofs of the sandwich of metal with a base of polyurethane, the rock wool panel does not fire.

To ensure you receive the right protection for each project at the cheap price, the panel.

Therefore, every structure is protect according to the specifications of its design with the aid from the Sandwich Panel. Sandwich Panel and m2 price is significantly less than other alternatives that provide this level of security.

The roof plates have an overlap system that ensures an exact union between plates. En özel ve seksi kadınlardan Ataköy Kendi Yerinde Ağırlayan Escort Petek | İstanbul Escort Bayan sizlerle burada bulusuyor. This also helps to prevent moisture and condensation that could damage The insulation of Sandwich Panels.


The outside of the Soundshield plus plasterboard and sheet comprised of rock wool features a tough fret that gives massive force to the construction and is able to withstand the force of a sustained force or load that don’t harm the sandwich itself or the structure on the structure it is set.

They’re also fill with pieces of rock wool which is shape to ensure their outstanding performance in heat, and guarantee their superior performance throughout the duration of the time that they are use to roof.



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