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When Should You Move — Weekends or Weekdays?

Repositioning your base from one house to another is not a child’s play. It is a huge step in one’s life as it involves a shift in the entire living space of a person for a considerable phase of one’s life. Undoubtedly you can avail movers and packers services but you need to use your decisive and managerial skills to make a relocation plan successful. Furthermore, you should be well informed about the most appropriate time to move into your new home.

Every venture needs two major involvement processes- planning and execution. You have to undergo a preparation procedure to achieve a hassle-free relocation. Firstly, the planning part, it should be strategic, practical and of optimum level. The execution part of relocation involves finest managerial and organizational skills.

  • Getting relocation cost estimates is the first step of the relocation process.
  • Choosing the right movers and packers Bangalore to Bhubaneswar according to the quotations provided by them is the next step.
  • Create an inventory of all the belongings that you want to move. Discard the unwanted stuff and carry only the needful ones.
  • Maintaining a good communication with the assigned movers and packers; letting them know of your specific moving needs is the third step.
  • Arranging for warehousing facilities if required would be the last step on your part.

In spite of all the steps there is one major step that you have to take regarding the relocation venture, is to decide which day you would prefer to move. Which day of the week is the right day to carry out a relocation process? Is it a weekday or a weekend?

Well, it depends on the personal preference and convenience of people and it’s decided keeping various factors in mind. Let us make a detailed analysis about all the prospects of choosing a relocation day.

Weekdays versus Weekends

The decision to fix a relocation date depends upon a lot of factors, namely, the leaves in office, the availability of the dates from the movers and packers company, preference of family members, the kids, the traffic and what not. But the primary factor that ultimately takes over all other factors is the PRICE.

Generally, the relocation prices are higher in the months of summer. Again, on every first and last day of the month the price surges. On the contrary, relocation costs go down during the months of October to April and generally on the weekdays it is lower than on weekends.

Some of the plus points of moving during weekdays are:

  • Cost Efficiency: The relocation costs are much less during the weekdays. Even if there is a chance of loss of remuneration for a single day, it would get balanced out and yet you would gain more savings from picking the lesser quotation on weekdays.
  • Saving up for the other expenditures: Who doesn’t need to save more? The more we save, the more we are able to spend on things that are of prime importance to us.
  • As the kids are at school: Carrying out a relocation process along with kids is a very tedious process and can make you often lose your calm. So, if you are planning to move on a weekday, the kids are most likely to be in their school and you can carry out the execution without any additional stress or distractions.
  • Subscribing the utility services: The Utility services like the gas connection, electricity, water supply etc. are readily accessible and available during the business hours on the weekdays. Generally, they remain closed on weekends.
  • Getting ample time to settle in: If you consider moving on Thursday or Friday, you can get the entire weekend for unpacking, unwinding and exploring the local area around your new house. It is always advisable to allow your body to rest a bit after a tiresome relocation process involving mental and physical exertion.

You don’t have to think twice about waking up early and rushing to work the next morning if you wish to pop up some booze to celebrate your new beginning in your new home.

Some cons for moving during the week include:

  • Loss of a working day: If you are planning to move on a weekday, you are going to miss a day or two of working days in office. Depending on the remuneration structure of work, you might end up losing the wages of the days you are going to miss.
  • Absence of your kid from the school: If you are moving on a weekday or anytime when the school vacations are not going on, your child might have to miss a few days of school. This aspect becomes more difficult if you are switching schools for your kid.
  • Unavailability of support: What are friends for? What are neighbors for? A family that always helps each other always stays together; these are some of the things you have heard several times. Well, all of it remains true so long as the family, neighbors or friends don’t have to miss something on their part! Since, you are planning to move on a weekday, your loved ones may not be able to turn up to support you while relocating.

Some of the benefits of moving during the weekend are:

  • No loss of working day: If you plan to relocate during the weekend, you won’t be losing any working day and hence there is no chance of losing any work-wage.
  • Kids won’t miss school: If you consider moving inside the same city on a weekend, your children won’t miss school. But if you are moving intercity then possibly consider moving on vacation period so that they don’t miss school for a long period of time that is taken while transferring schools.
  • There’s no traffic rush: In metro-cities, traffic plays the villainous role in everyday travel scene. This fact worsens on the weekdays as people rush to schools and work-places. Weekends are a bit more forgiving in traffic norms.

Some of the difficulties you might face while relocating on weekends are:

  • Unavailability of the movers and packers: Weekends are preferred by many clients to relocate to their new places. So mostly the movers and packers are booked on the weekends. You might have to consider booking much in advance if you want to avail weekend days for relocation.
  • High moving costs: Due to the high demand of the movers and packers on the weekends, there is always an unnecessary upsurge in price.
  • Shortage of unpacking time: Weekend relocation may seem a hassle-free process apparently, but it shortens the time required to unpack the belongings.

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Relocation requires a lot of brain-storming, organizing and executing your managerial skills with skills, patience and precision. But the day of your relocation should completely depend upon your preference and availability. So weekend move or weekday move, the decision is yours. Let’s just say that your day; your say. The above mentioned points will definitely help you compare the scenario in a better way. So till then, adios amigos!

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