Which Job Has Highest Salary in Management?


It’s pleasant to be the boss, especially for top managers. You have the prestige of overseeing lower-level personnel and other senior-level privileges, plus considerable income potential. Nearly three-quarters of the most lucrative management careers pay six figures, and none are far below $100,000.

Money’s not everything. When picking a career, salary isn’t everything. Why not go for one of the highest-paid management careers if you have the desire and leadership qualities to manage projects and workers?

✅ Architectural and Engineering Manager

Engineering and architecture are labor-intensive. Hire team members with varied skillsets to handle timelines and budgets. Companies in manufacturing, architecture, and engineering rely on competent individuals.

Architects and engineers often become managers. They start in entry-level positions but don’t remain long. They learn on the job. It takes on additional responsibilities, such as problem-solving, directing teams, and working on complex projects.

Supervisors, architects, and managers monitor their employees’ work and procedures. They also determine what resources, equipment, and staff a project need and coordinate many teams. These experts have engineering and architectural backgrounds, though. They produce product concepts and designs, solve challenges, and lead R&D teams.

Approx. Salary: $124,870

Bachelor’s degree in engineering, architecture, engineering management, technology management, or MBA (MBA)

✅ Computer and Information Systems Manager

Computer and information systems managers make good money in a subject they enjoy. Almost all companies and organizations use computers today. These specialists, often termed IT managers or project managers, are vital to an organization’s computer systems. Computer and information systems managers oversee computer and IT employees and design, deploy, deploy, and secure computer systems and new technologies.

Computer and information systems managers’ responsibilities vary by job title and other criteria. A CIO will spend more time developing the organization’s IT strategy, whereas a CTO will focus on what new technology can do. IT directors run IT departments and supervise IT staff, whereas IT security managers focus on thwarting security threats.

Approx. Salary: $120,950

✅ Marketing Manager

Companies spend millions enticing people to buy their products and services. Marketing managers help organizations spend this money efficiently to boost sales and income. These specialists follow market trends to evaluate the demand for a product or service and what markets it may fit into. Marketing managers utilize survey data to anticipate who will buy the goods and how much they’ll spend.

Marketing managers have other responsibilities. They often help create products. They may head marketing teams and handle sales-and-PR coordination. In some jobs, they may design marketing plans, arrange promotions or advertising campaigns, set budgets, choose advertising possibilities, and negotiate costs.

Approx. Salary: $119,480

✅ Natural Sciences Manager

Don’t assume only businesses have high-paying management roles. If science is your calling, become a natural sciences manager. These experts manage people, projects, and policies. They work with top executives to set research targets and achieve them.

Natural sciences managers determine what staff; equipment, supplies, and training a project needs and set a budget. They supervise and help their research team’s scientists and technicians. Some natural sciences managers spend most of their time on administrative and managerial activities, while others, called working managers, also perform their research. Lab managers oversee research supplies.

Most natural sciences managers spend years as scientists — chemists, biologists, physicists – before becoming managers. They perform more significant duties throughout their careers, such as supervising research teams and directing experiments. Scientists gain independence with experience.

Approx. Salary: $115,730

✅ Financial Manager

Every firm must monitor its financial health. Financial managers report on money, make investment decisions, and set goals and plans. They create financial statements, summaries, essays, and predictions. They also weigh the organization’s financial decisions, including how to minimize expenses, raise revenues, expand, and purchase other firms. Financial managers supervise lower-level finance personnel like other managers. Today’s financial managers spend more time examining data and advising top-level executives on financial decisions than writing reports.

There are various kinds of financial managers. Some, dubbed credit managers, handle credit and collections, while cash managers supervise the organization’s cash flow. Risk managers aim to reduce financial loss. Insurance managers determine the kinds and amounts of insurance needed to minimize losses. Controllers create financial reports, especially government-specific ones. Finance officers manage budgets, mergers, and investments. All kinds of financial managers need experience. Before advancing to a management job, most financial managers have at least five years of business and finance experience in roles like an accountant, auditor, financial analyst, loan officer, or securities sales agent.

Approx. Salary: $109,740

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