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White Paper in cryptocurrency: what is it? How to compose?

What is White Paper? In simple words

A white paper in cryptocurrency is a document that includes an outline of the problem a project seeks to solve, the solution to that problem, and a detailed description of the product, its architecture, and user interaction.

The content of any White Paper (sometimes referred to as a white paper) should include, but not be limited to, the following topics for discussion (in no particular order):


White Paper: history and description

A White Paper is a detailed report or guide on a specific topic and its surrounding issues. It is designed to educate readers and help them understand and solve problems.

In marketing, a white paper is a long text, similar to an e-book. The difference between them is that White Paper is more coin technical safesun coin and detailed.

Facts and opinions presented in a White Paper are often backed up by original research or statistics compiled by the publisher from reliable sources. They often include charts, graphs, tables, and other data visualization methods.

Today, the term is commonly applied to “deep dive” style publications. Companies – especially in the consulting, finance, or B2B sectors – use them to communicate their organization’s philosophy on a topic, argue for the superiority of their product, or simply present research findings relevant to their field.


The history of White Paper in cryptocurrency

The first issued and created White Paper belongs to the Bitcoin cryptocurrency.

The developer of Bitcoin is Satoshi Nakamoto (it is still unknown whether this is 1 person or a group of persons).

The mailing list contained famous people who believed in decentralization and cryptography.


Examples of Successful White Papers

Here are some examples of well-written White Papers and successful ICOs:

How to write White Paper?

There may also be a good section at the very beginning of the White Paper for legal notice or disclaimer, which should contain any import restrictions or notices.

 This could be to prohibit residents of certain countries from purchasing project tokens per local laws or to inform future investors that investments in themselves do xwp price, not guarantee profit.

A compelling introduction is perhaps one of the most important steps in writing any paper.

In this section, you should outline the problem your project intends to solve, explain why the problem is essential, and perhaps even touch on the consequences of not solving it.


Here you need to grab the reader’s attention, explain the benefits of reading the document, and provide an overview of what they can expect. To do this, use any available tool: charts, graphs, etc.


Therefore, it is extremely important to make your white paper accessible and easy to navigate. An informative and well-structured table of contents will definitely come in handy.

If your whitepaper contains any terms you feel need to define, you can create a glossary in the same section.

Let’s talk about the project.

Allocate as much space as you need to detail your project and explain.  Potential investors exactly where it fits in the current market. Most importantly, don’t forget to explain what the project is and what parts it consists of.

Project Status

Project status, This section should also describe the project’s current state: prototype data, early adopters, if any, development strategy, and overall goals.

Most serious investors will only support projects that already have something to show. An ecosystem and user base will increase the chances of the project token surviving in the market. If you have any of these items, let your readers know.


Finance. Be sure to dedicate a large section of your whitepaper to project finance.

 You should be able to clearly explain why your project needs native tokens. ICO / IEO will limit the release of tokens. When sales on the market will begin, and so on.

Plan for the use of funds.

Plan for the use of funds. Investors need to know exactly where their money will go. And how much the project will need to complete certain important tasks.

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