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Why We Should Pick UK for Study MBBS?

Pick UK for Study MBBS

MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine) is a very competitive course in the UK. You can enter the best universities in the UK and learn the intricacies of medicine and related fields. Studying MBBS in UK is beneficial for Indian students as you have the opportunity to pursue your career in India even if you wish. Here are some reasons why we should pick UK for study MBBS you should know before deciding any destination for your study abroad.

MBBS Course Duration in UK

The medical degree can be completed in 5-6 years if you enter a UK institution. To gain admission to most major universities in the UK you need to have a 10+2 in Chemistry and Biology and have a minimum score of 80%. In addition, you must pass entrance exams that check your level of English and your knowledge of the subject.

Find the best UK universities to study MBBS in the UK below and order a free consultation with an SI-UK India program expert to start your study in the UK.

Top Universities in UK for Study MBBS

Choosing a university in the UK can be difficult as each institution has a USP suitable for different students.

However, we still have a list of top 10 UK universities which are the best to get an MBBS degree in UK.

  1. University of Oxford, UK
  2. The University of Cambridge, UK
  3.  University College London, UK
  4. Imperial College in London, UK
  5.  King’s College in London, UK
  6.  University of Edinburgh, UK
  7. The University of Manchester, UK
  8. University of Glasgow, UK
  9. Newcastle University, UK
  10. Queen Mary University of London, UK

When you study MBBS in the UK, you get an MB degree, which means Bachelor of Medicine. In addition to this, you can choose a specialty like BS, ChB, BCh, and BAO. The main fields of study at these levels are medicine, surgery and midwifery.

Cost of MBBS in UK

The cost of studying in the UK depends on the university you enter. The average payout for the whole program can cost you around £137,000. On a positive note, you can apply for more scholarships to waive your fees.

Some of the most sought after scholarships to study MBBS in UK for Indian students are:

  • Chevening Scholarship
  •  Future Leaders in Global Health Scholarship
  •  Hulk York Medical School International Scholarship to Study in UK
  •  Imperial College Medical School Scholarship
  •  Rhodes Stock Exchange

Study MBBS in the UK with Overseas Education Consultants

The application process is different for each UK University. However, there is a standard procedure that every student considering studying in the UK must follow:

  • Visit the university from the university website or from the UCAS portal
  • Your application is available and an invitation letter will be issued by the university
  • Start working on your immigration and visa procedures
  • Arrive in the UK to complete the course

Do not decline due to an incomplete application process or incorrect method of applying to your dream university. So, contact study abroad consultants in India. Also, order a free consultation with our top consultants for a transparent and easy ordering process.


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