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Winter acne: Treatment and helpful tips

Acne is a skin condition that many girls struggle with, especially as they grow up. This is a problem that must be dealt with promptly, correctly, and correctly. Even though winter causes more severe skin problems due to cold, atmospheric agents, and sudden temperature changes, it is worth paying attention to. The first is that the lack of humidity and wind can lead to skin drying out. This causes the skin to produce more sebum to protect itself. Does Red Light Therapy Help Acne? The bacteria that produce sebum can only live-in oxygen-rich environments.   How can you manage winter acne without making it worse? These are some things to keep in mind for the coldest season.  

Use moisturizers every

First, use a moisturizer and nourishing cream daily. Ask your dermatologist, visit a pharmacy or herbalist shop, and don’t be afraid of revealing your problems. Only then can an expert recommend the best moisturizer for your skin. For dry skin with acne, a nourishing and skin-balancing cream will be required. Creams that are based on hyaluronic acids and completely oil-free will be recommended for oily skin. These creams will provide moisture without blocking the pores.  

Always use sunscreen

Although it may seem odd, if your skin is affected by acne, you must apply sunscreen throughout the winter. The skin’s greatest enemies are wind, cold, and sunlight. sun-induced acne can be more severe in winter because it reflects 80 percent of the sun’s rays while water and sand reflect it. Use sunscreen that suits your skin type. It is better to use a total protection sunscreen to lessen the effects of winter acne. You can even choose a moisturizer with sunscreen.  

Do not use abrasive products

Avoid using abrasive products if you suffer from severe acne. Avoid using alcohol-based toners and irritating scrubs. Look for products that contain alpha-hydroxy acid, which maintains the exfoliating effects without blocking pores. This will help to prevent future breakouts.

Cleanse your skin in the right way

To combat acne in winter, remember to clean your skin in the morning and the evening using the right products. Use a cleanser that suits your skin type to wash your skin and then apply the moisturizer. A BB Cream or foundation can be used to create a protective shield that protects the skin from the sun, wind, cold, and other atmospheric agents. Make-up should be removed in the evening. So, make-up wipes are not enough. You need to use soothing and delicate cleansing milk, micellar waters, and moisturizing lotion. Remember to apply an organic acne cream to your face at least once a week.  

Never try to do it all yourself

Many people suffering from acne succumb to the temptation to ” squeeze ” and endanger their skin. Winter is even more dangerous because dry skin can cause further skin flaking, which can lead to serious bruises. You can avoid pimples or blackheads by regularly going to a facial cleaning or other acne improvement treatments.  

Winter scarf and hat

One last tip for winter care of acne-affected skin: wear a scarf and a hat that reaches to the forehead. Protecting your skin from the cold can help to keep it hydrated as well as reduce the chance of epidermal dryness.  

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