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Wood Plastic Composite’ Characteristics And Uses (WPC)

Wood plastic composite material is a type of reversible recycling that uses sawdust, bamboo chips, rice husk, rice chaff, peanut husk, cotton straw, and other low-plant biomass fibres as the main raw materials. It is made by mixing a specific amount of wpc dielen 3m base materials, processing it, and then forming it using specialised technology. And, It has several variants, a vast variety of forms, and a large variety of structures.

It is currently known by a variety of names both domestically and internationally. Also including plastic wood, environmental protection wood, science and technology wood, recycled wood, aggregate wood, and others. And, It possesses all the traits of the wood processing industry.

Decking made of wood plastic composite (WPC)

Composition of WPC

In addition to being a better option for your deck, wood plastic composite decking is also a better option for the environment. WPC decking, in contrast to conventional wood decking, constructs each board from recycled resources. Absolutely no trees are cut down in the process of making our products. In instance, our TimberTech line is combination of 73% recycled material. Additionally, 50% of the polymer content is composition of recycled materials, namely HDPE bottle grade and LDPE film grade plastics that were used in post-consumer and post-industrial applications.

WPC material has the following five qualities:

Qualities of WPC

Resource utilization of raw materials:

The majority of its biomass material is made from waste, which has a variety of sources and low value; the requirements for plastics composition are not stringent, and new, used, or mixed materials can all be used, which fully reflects the efficient and thorough use of resources.

Product plasticizability:

Wood plastic composites are manufacturing goods. Materials with diverse qualities and shapes are manufacturing by randomly adjusting the production process. And product formulation in accordance with the needs of use. The percentage of profiles that are use is quite close to 100%.

Environmentally friendly of use:

Wood and wpc boards 3m base materials, as well as their often used additives, are safe, non-toxic, and do not have any negative environmental consequences during manufacture or processing. As a result, they pose no risk to the environment or the human body.

wpc cheap:

The transfer of low-cost plant materials and high-value products has been realised in the form of wpc günstig plastic products, which not only have incredibly low maintenance costs but also have a lifespan that is many times longer than that of natural wood products. In the thorough comparison, it is clear that iy offers economic advantages.

Recycling and regeneration:

The performance of the products remains unaffect by the 100% recycling of waste products and recycled waste of wood plastic materials. It can implement the “reduction, regeneration, and resource usage” recycling mode.

WPC material application areas:

WPC material application

  1. Construction materials, such as base materials, integral door panels, wall panels, flooring, and a variety of ornamental materials;
  2. Outdoor facilities, which include a number of significant product categories such fences, flooring, columns, armrests, and so on;
  3. Transportation in logistics: the major items are packing boxes, container boards, light and heavy pallets, etc.
  4. Transportation facilities: there are fences, walls, signs, and dividers.
  5. Furniture accessories, such as cabinets, flower stands, tea tables, and wardrobes.


The market demand for wood products is rising daily while natural wood supplies are depleting. The market for sweden wpc cheap will eventually become accessible due to a significant increase in demand, which is an unavoidable development going forward.

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