YouTube TV vs Traditional Cable: Which is Better?

Many Americans still rely upon and trust their local cable TV providers for entertaining content. This is because cable offers a wide variety of channel options at affordable rates. Whether you are a sports fan or watch soap operas, you can probably get what you want with a cable TV connection. But as internet connections get easier to obtain, things are changing. Now, you can use services like Spectrum net billing and pay for your connection online. As a result, more people are considering cutting the cord.

You might be considering changing your at-home entertainment as well. So, YouTube TV might be a great option for you. It is different from cable TV because it relies on an internet connection. But there are similarities as well. For example, you can get on-demand entertainment options with both. And the range of content with live TV is also pretty diverse.

Cable TV vs YouTube TV – The Basics

Traditional cable TV comes with a range of options. You can choose your local cable company or opt for national giants like Spectrum, Century Link, etc. Moreover, many cable companies also offer internet connections as well. The overall bundle packages could cost you a lot less than individual services. However, you need additional equipment to run the cable on your television. You might be able to get the equipment on rent in most cases.

With YouTube TV, there is no additional requirement for equipment or cables. So, you can save money on rent or equipment replacement costs. Moreover, it can also be a better option for people who move often. So, you don’t have to make any contractual commitments or pay cancellation fees with YouTube TV. Moreover, another great advantage could be unlimited access to local broadcast channels. YouTube does not charge you for DVR recording and has a simple and user-friendly interface.

So, it is evident that both options can have multiple pros and cons. And the more you explore, the more you’ll realize that one cannot be outrightly better than the other. The verdict could differ based on the criteria you choose. So, you need to understand your own requirements and expectations. For example, you should know if you prefer an unlimited DVR facility over a lower cost.

What Do You Get with YouTube TV?

Everyone has a general idea of what local cable TV can offer you. Moreover, there is always on-demand content that you can get as an add-on to your existing package. But a lot of people don’t understand YouTube TV. It might be one of the best online streaming services on the market. And here are some of the things that you can expect to get with the service:

  • The base price is lower as compared to other streaming services like DirecTV.
  • You can get almost 78 of the top 100 channels with your subscription.
  • Premium channels like NBC, CBS, and Fox are also available.
  • You get access to unlimited Cloud DVR and keep recorded shows for up to 9 months.
  • An additional fee can get you unlimited access to 4K content.
  • You can stream it simultaneously on three separate devices.

Is 4K YouTube TV Worth It?

Normally, cable TV connections rarely offer 4K content options. But you can get it with YouTube TV if you pay an extra fee. So, if you prefer high-quality content, YouTube TV might be a better option for you than cable. However, you also need to compare it with other streaming services. For example, Netflix also offers a wide range of 4K content. Moreover, it doesn’t cost as much as YouTube TV. So, if you are getting it because of the 4K content, it might not be worth the price.

YouTube TV offers shows from ESPN, Fox Sports, Nat Geo, Tastemade, and FX in 4K. So, there is not enough 4K content available to justify the price. And other streaming services might have a massive edge on YouTube TV. Netflix alone offers thousands of hours of 4K content. But if you are comparing it with cable alone, it might win that battle with a fair margin.

Final Words

In conclusion, YouTube TV and cable connections are different in terms of content quality, 4K availability, cloud DVR options, and device compatibility. You can install a cable TV connection on any TV or streaming device. But YouTube TV is currently still unavailable on Amazon devices. However, it is easy to use and there are little to no installation charges included. You also don’t need any equipment to run YouTube on your smart TV.

The round-up of information shows that there are pros and cons to both services. So, you should keep in mind your expectations first and then get the service that works best for you.

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