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Courses, Qualifications, Pay, Job Duties, and Application Process for a Career as an Air Hostess


After upper secondary school and even after graduation, the most desired employment path is as an air hostess. Young ladies dream of working as air hostesses so they can travel the world and earn high money.


Undoubtedly, that is a wonderful position. Who wouldn’t want to work in this environment?


We have attempted to include all the material about the Air Hostess training in the article for all the young ladies with a desire to soar high. Continue reading to learn more about qualifications, training, the application procedure, top recruiters, and job duties.


Air Hostess/Flight Steward Courses Available


  • Depending on the length of the training, various air hostess courses are offered. Candidates may enrol in courses leading to certifications, diplomas, or degrees. These programs enable candidates in developing soft skills, and good manners, learn how to interact with people from different backgrounds, write reports after flights, give first aid in case of medical problems, and handle other emergencies. The information on various courses is as follows:


College degrees


For individuals looking to enrol beyond class 12, these are the longest courses and come highly recommended. You can get extensive information and useful experience by enrolling in a degree program. A placement with reputable airlines is also offered by several institutions.

the airline, tourism, and hospitality bachelor’s degree

3 years

BBA with training in both airport management and cabin crew.


Degree Programs

Choose a 1-year diploma program if you can’t devote 3 years to the program. The following are the available courses:

hospitality education for air hosts

1 year


  • Aircraft and hotel management



  • Travel, hospitality, and customer service


  • Services for Professional Cabin Crew

Certification Programs

For people who require employment immediately, these programs are the finest. Candidates can also enrol in an Air Hostess course after graduation if they desire to do so.

Training for air hosts

3 or 6 months

Travel management and international airlines


  • Aircraft and hotel management

Travel, hospitality, and customer service


  • Character Development


Schools offering air hostess training

The following are some of the top colleges in India that provide courses in air hostessing and similar fields:


  • Air Hostess Academy, Delhi, Pune, and Bangalore Rajiv Gandhi Memorial College of Aeronautics
  • Delhi and Mumbai’s Frankfinn Institute of Air Hostess
  • Chennai’s Universal Airhostess Academy, Mumbai’s Jet Airways Training Academy, and Chennai’s and Bangalore’s PTC Aviation Academy
  • Jaipur, Ahmedabad, Ghaziabad, and Chandigarh’s Indira Gandhi Institute of Aeronautics Institute for Personality, Etiquette & Grooming (IPEG India)
  • Dehradun’s Avalon Academy


Eligibility for an Air Hostess Career in 2022


  • To become an air hostess or flight steward, a candidate must meet specific requirements. Various institutes may have different requirements. Check out the institute’s precise eligibility requirements, then.




  • the standards (Air Hostess)


  • the standards (Flight Steward)


  • Age


  • educational background


  • Standard 10+2 (Science, Commerce, and Arts)


  • Status of Marriage


not married (mostly preferred)


  • Languages


Languages like Hindi, English, and others


  • Height

5 feet 2 inches tall


5 feet 10 inches tall


  • hue and complexion




  • Eye-sight


6/6 in each eye without correction


  • Married applicants are also admitted by some institutions.


Responsibility/Job Profile


Depending on the needs of the flights, an air hostess’s job description or duties may change. However, the following categories might be used to group the fundamental duties:


  • responsibilities at the location (before the flight)
  • responsibilities while in flight (during the flight)
  • Responsibility for Landing (after the flight)
  • responsibilities at the location


Responsibility in Flight


Verify that the passengers are wearing seatbeltsProviding passengers with food and drinks

selling taxable items

announcing significant events on the pilot’s behalf

helping in times of medical emergency

assisting passengers in leaving an aircraft in an emergency


Responsibility for Landing


creating the lost-and-found item list

making a list of the money and stock that was left over after landing




The type of airline, its reputation, the hostess’ experience, and other factors all affect an air hostess’ pay. However, compared to domestic flights, overseas carriers offer superior pay. In domestic carriers, an air hostess’s starting pay varies from $25,000 to $40,000 per month, rising to $80,000 to $125,000 with experience and promotion. The same pay is also given to flight attendants. On international flights, the starting compensation is $50,000 per month. Please be aware that the authorities reserve the right to adjust the wage amounts at any time.




Some airlines offer benefits to staff members and their families, including medical insurance, extra cash, retirement programs, and flight discounts.


Range of Work


Excellent growth potential is provided by a career as an air hostess. A candidate has the chance to work for domestic airlines after completing the course. An air hostess or flight steward with experience can also work for foreign carriers. An Air Hostess can work in ground positions such as ticketing, front desk, customer service, operations, teaching air hostesses, etc. after retiring.

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