Teachers are busy. Right from daily tasks such as marking attendance, and sending out notices

to more important tasks such as preparing lecture notes and creating lesson plans, a teacher is constantly busy and yet is unable to finish all the work. At such a time, deploying technology may seem like a difficult path. But automation and paperless operations enabled by a school app can do a lot to assist teachers in managing daily tasks. For instance, an app simplifies the attendance marking process considerably.


How often do teachers have to work after school hours?


Probably half the time! A lot of activities and events happen at school on a regular basis. Teachers not only have to prepare for these events and activities but also have the responsibility to notify parents, other teachers, staff members, etc. of the same.


Some Features of a Highly Effective School Management System


Running a school is a job that requires diligence when each year, the school has a fresh intake of students and corresponding out-take of finishing students every academic calendar. The school staff quickly experiences an overload of this constant in-flux and out-flux as both student and staff information must be preserved.

  1. Student Management System
    This is a core feature that keeps a timely track of each and every student in the school. Information stored ranges from the name, parent details, and prior medical conditions to achievements.
  2. School Staff Informational Record
    A good School System not only stores student records but also the school staff both teaching and non-teaching staff.


  1. Academic Analysis


  2. The teaching staff experience a great mental and physical drain of energy in tasks of marking students’ exams. Together with this analysis of exams must be done in order to determine a student’s academic level. A School System is of great reliance as the major tasks involve:
  1. Grading student’s exams
  2. Preparing a Mark Sheet of the subject’s mean grade and mean score.
  3. Ranking students.
  4. Preparing Report Cards.


  1. Library Management

    a school is a place of literacy as such is not without textbooks. With a library can use a Library Management System to keep track of the school’s textbook assets.


Why do we need a school management system in Pakistan?


As the school starts to grow, there is always a need to manage it effectively. The number of students, staff, and burden on administration increases, it gets messed if not tackled properly.


1.Keeping track of information related to students

The first reason would be the fact that these systems is incredibly easier for schools to maintain information relating to their students.

  1. Providing access to parents

The school management system helps out the parents to track the record and performance of his/her child whether it is attendance or result, either performance or fee payment.

  1. The advantages of having school portals

An integral part of school software is the various portals that have been created for the benefit of parents, students, teacher and admin staff use purpose in a school. benefits of these systems.

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