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Book Blogging Guide: How to Start a Book Blog

Book Blogging Guide: How to Start a Book Blog

How to Start a Book Blog, Are you prepared to enter the book blogging community? I made the decision to turn my passion for reading romance novels into a career as a book blogger, and I haven’t looked back since.

If you enjoy reading, you can start your own book blog and begin blogging about books.

Here are some pointers to help you get started if you’re prepared to dive in.

Book Blogging: Why Start a Book Blog?

I advise you to choose your motivation for becoming a book blogger before you go into the world of book blogging, Book writing company.

  • You want to connect with your favorite authors?
  • Do you want advanced reader copies of books?
  • Do you want to connect with a community of readers?

To ensure that lovers of romance never run out of fantastic books to read, I make huge book lists for my book blog.

Additionally, I wanted to aid in the promotion of romance book authors, particularly independent ones.

With my book lists, book reviews, and advertising opportunities, book blogging has been a fantastic way to do this.

Although blogging is a lot of fun, it also requires a lot of labour. All book bloggers, I’d like to think, have days where they need to remind themselves of why they do what they do.

To avoid losing sight of your motivation, make sure you are aware of WHY YOU WANT TO START A BLOG ABOUT BOOKS.

Book Blogging: Key Steps to Launch a Book Blog

Books are the subject of blogs written by both hobbyist and serious book bloggers. There are a few crucial measures to take before establishing your book blog, no matter where you belong on the spectrum.

1)    Name Your Book Blog

The exciting aspect is choosing a name for your book blog. Choose a name for your book blog that reflects its niche.

My book blog only discusses romance novels, which is why the phrase “romantic novels” appears in the blog’s name. Anyone visiting this blog should be aware that it focuses exclusively on romance novels, as opposed to mystery novels, biographies, or other genres.

Look it up on Namecheckr before choosing a name. This is a simple and quick way to check whether the name you select is available for use as a domain name and whether the names of any linked social media accounts are free or taken.

2)    Craft Your Main Book Blog Pages

The home page, about page, and contact page will be the three main pages on your book blog.

Layout the design for these pages and write the copy for the web pages so they are prepared to be uploaded to your book blog once your website is complete.

3)    Write A Few Blog Posts

You should compose a few blog entries before making your book blog online. This does two things.

One will tell you whether you truly want to accomplish this after publishing a few blog entries.

After just a few entries, if you decide that book blogging is not something you can see yourself doing for the long run despite how much fun it sounds, you may stop without having wasted a lot of time and money.

Two: Having a few book blog entries ready to go when you start your book blog will ensure that you have some excellent content to share straight away.

4)    Launch Your Book Blog

Now that you’ve completed these fundamental stages, you’re prepared to build your website and launch it.

Here are some resources to assist you in starting your book blog and making the most of your time blogging about books.

These links are affiliate links because they go to tools that I use to build an awesome book blog and be the greatest book blogger I can be.

I gain a little commission if you use these fantastic resources and make a purchase after clicking my link; there is no additional cost to you (disclaimer).

Book Blogging Resources

Book Blogging Web Site Builder & Hosting

You must first have a website builder before you can start blogging about books. WordPress, Squarespace, Wix, Weebly, and more solutions are available, but ultimately it’s up to you to select one depending on cost, usability, and design features.

I utilised Squarespace when I first started my blog since I was comfortable with the technology, could rapidly construct a site, and could fast edit and add new content.

As time passed, I came to the realisation that I wanted more control over the pace of my website, so I switched to WordPress!

WordPress is the blogging industry’s monarch, but it does require more technical expertise and can be more expensive, depending on the hosting provider you choose and the theme you use (if you use one).

BigScoots WordPress Hosting

If you choose WordPress, avoid the free version at all costs. You will therefore need to look for web hosting and pay for it.

I looked at other options, costs, and reviews before deciding on BigScoots. Their managed WordPress services are fully managed and include a free SSL certificate and email. I heartily endorse them!

Additionally, speed is crucial for internet blogging. I was confident that BigScoots would give my website the fastest speed possible.

GroovePages: Free Website Builder & Host in One

I advise GroovePages, a full-featured website builder and host in one, for people who are unclear whether blogging is ultimately appropriate for them and are scared to dive in with WordPress.

The highlight of GroovePages? It is unpaid!

You can build up to three branded websites with complete navigation using GroovePages for free for a short period. Additionally, GroovePages offers free hosting.

Additionally, and this is unheard of, GroovePages offers free custom domains. With GroovePages, you get a free custom domain name instead of having to use the name of other free blogging systems like Blogger or WordPress.

There is no requirement that you buy your own domain from GoDaddy or another domain provider.

Again, if you establish a site with GroovePages and decide book blogging isn’t for you, you won’t lose any money.

Legal Policies for Your Book Blog

If you create a book blog, you need make sure the relevant regulations are in place. These are necessary and moreover safeguard you as a book blogger.

You require the following three major legal provisions for your book blog:

A privacy policy outlines the data you gather and the purposes for which you utilise that data. This must comply with the CCPA and GDPR.

Disclaimer: This safeguards you for the material you post on your book blog and ought to make clear any affiliate networks in which you participate.

Rules of Conduct: This spells out the guidelines for what is acceptable and unacceptable on your book blog website.

Legal Bundles from A Self Guru

I advise using the Privacy Policy, Disclaimer, and Terms and Conditions policies from A Self Guru’s Starter Legal Bundle unless you are a lawyer or wish to hire one to draught these crucial policies for you.

These templates were made for bloggers and internet business owners by business lawyer and successful blogger Amira at A Self Guru. Additionally, you’ll have access to any upcoming upgrades with the purchase!

Email Marketing for Book Bloggers

Starting an email list right away is one of the finest methods to grow and remain in touch with your readership for your book blog.

Your email list is a terrific strategy to keep readers updated about what’s new on your site and to increase page views since social media followers might come and go.


You should create an email marketing account with GrooveMail if you’re building a book blog on GroovePages.

With their free plan, you can get going quickly. Sign-up forms can easily be included into your book blog’s webpages to begin growing your list.


Mailerlite is another excellent email marketing service for bloggers.

For my company and book blog, I’ve actually tried Mailchimp, Convertkit, and Mailerlite, and Mailerlite completely outperforms the other two.

I believe it to be incredibly user-friendly, economical, and equipped with all the bells and whistles you could desire.

Book Blogging With Pinterest

As soon as you begin book blogging, you’ll want to make sure your site receives traffic. Utilizing Pinterest is one of the finest strategies to improve your visitors.

Since Pinterest is actually a search engine like Google, your content can be viewed repeatedly as opposed to on social media, where content has a relatively short shelf life.

Pinterest Course: Pin It With Ell

I suggest taking the Pinterest course Pin It With El to understand the fundamentals of Pinterest and how to build up a business account for your book blog.

This course teaches you the fundamentals of creating a Pinterest account, how frequently to pin, and how to schedule pins. It’s reasonably priced and outlines the precise steps you must take to start your Pinterest strategy.

Pinterest Scheduler: Tailwind

One of the best investments I made for my book blog after the Pinterest course was signing up for Tailwind. You may schedule out your pins to Pinterest in advance with Tailwind, a Pinterest scheduler.

This service can greatly increase your views while also saving you a tonne of time.

My pin views increased significantly when I started using Tailwind, going from 5.5K to 121K in one month and to 540K in just six and a half months. It genuinely changed the game and made pinning to Pinterest a breeze.

Pinterest Image Creator: Canva

Canva should be used if you are serious about growing a following for your book blog on Pinterest (and you should!). Pinterest is all about visual pins.

You can quickly make pinnable graphics for your blog posts using Canva, a free graphic design tool.

They make it incredibly simple for you by offering a wide selection of Pinterest Templates that are already the right size for the right pins.

The free version of Canva should be adequate to start with until you determine your needs. I use the free version of Canva but am thinking about upgrading to Canva Pro to take use of its extra bells and whistles.

Learn SEO to Launch Your Book Blog

It’s crucial to learn and comprehend search engine optimization when you start blogging. Angela at Stray Curls is fantastic at demystifying the value of SEO and how to apply it to your site.

She offers a variety of ebooks that are well worth the money she charges for them as blogging resources to aid you in your endeavours.

Selling Digital Products

One excellent strategy to generate cash for your site and keep it running is to sell digital things on it. For instance, I made the printable Romance Book Reading Journal and offer it on my blog.

Using Quizzes on your Book Blog

Using quizzes is a really enjoyable approach to encourage readers of your book blog to engage with you and your content.

Interact Test Generator

They are quite simple to make, and you can even look for photos and GIFs to use into your questions.

You can see your quiz data and encourage people to join your email list with the subscription plan.

Book Blogging: Finding Free Books

I assume that if you blog about books, you will also need to read books. I still enjoy utilizing the library, but occasionally there are just books you can’t find there.

And buying books may really add up when you read as often as I do! For my book blog, I’ve focused on finding free books from multiple trustworthy sites because of this. Money represent

In my free romance book directory, you can find a list of all of my resources for free books.

Book Blogging Affiliate Programs

You should join affiliate programs if you want to write about books on your book blog in order to profit from such book mentions.

You can join affiliate programs with book shops including Amazon, Apple Books, Barnes & Noble, and Bookshop.

Once you sign up as an affiliate, you will receive a modest commission whenever a visitor to your book blog clicks on one of your affiliate links and makes a purchase at no extra cost to that customer.

Although the earnings from these affiliate schemes aren’t particularly high, they can build up if you’re serious about blogging about books. You can then invest this money in your blog or use it to buy more books.

Just be sure to always disclose your affiliate links in the appropriate places in each of your book blog posts and pages.

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